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Lleida is the capital city of ‘Segrià’ region and the province that takes its name. It is the most important population and economic inland centre in Catalonia. Its economy is based on the agri-food sector, as well as on all kinds of services. Lleida is located in one of the most fertile and productive areas in Europe. On the River Segre, halfway between the sea and the mountains and perfectly linked, it is on the route that connects Spain with the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean.

It boasts modern networks, headed by the high-speed railway line (AVE) and the road network: the AP-2 motorway, which runs as a dual carriageway from the city of Barcelona to Lleida and then on to Zaragoza; the Eix Occidental, which leads to the Ebro, and the Eix Transversal bound for the Girona region. This position as a crossroads has been enhanced by the construction of an airport in the neighbouring town of Alguaire and the Lleida-Huesca dual carriageway.

Shopping, with a strong, deeply rooted tradition in the city, spreads its influence over Segrià and neighbouring regions. The newly opened, high-quality cultural facilities, like the new University Campus, have given the city’s cultural life an extraordinary boost. Lleida is a modern city which is culturally active, well communicated and situated in a unique natural environment.

Lleida has the privilege of being provided with natural areas as important as La Mitjana nature park -an ecosystem of great natural and ecological value- the River Segre park and Camps Elisis, apart from the so-called Horta (irrigated area), the green belt that surrounds the city. This natural legacy has made Lleida grow, following environmental and quality values within the framework of a sustainable city.

The national currency of Spain is the Euro. Most major credit cards are accepted at restaurants and shops.

The Auditorium ‘Centre de Cultures’ is located in the Campus of Cap-Pont of the University of Lleida, at walking distance of the main hotels.

How to arrive

Lleida Pirineus Railway Station

Pl. Ramon Berenguer IV, s/n – 25006 Lleida

The journey in AVE or AVANT trains takes about 1 h from Barcelona-Sants Station and 2h and 18 min from Madrid-Atocha Station. There may be other train types. Check the travel time before buying the tickets. Schedules and availability can be consulted at If buying the tickets through internet you may only find the stations Barcelona (*) and Lleida without their complete names (there is only 1 train station in Lleida). Check the type of train and the travel time to make sure you are taking the right option.

35% discount on RENFE (Spanish National Railways) trains

RENFE is making a special offer for meeting attendees. There is a 35% discount on tickets purchased to the “XV Meeting of the Working Group: Biological and integrated control of plant pathogens” for travel from the 21st through the 28th of April 2018.

To access this discount, you must be registered at the meeting and request it by sending an e-mail to:

The airports with international connections are Barcelona-El Prat and Madrid-Barajas.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Barcelona is about 160 km from Lleida but both cities are well connected by a High Speed Train (AVE) and other fast trains (AVANT) with the journey taking a little more than one hour (from Barcelona-Sants Station to Lleida-Pirineus Station). The airport is situated 12 km southwest from the centre of Barcelona. Once at the Barcelona-El Prat Airport you have to go to the airport train station and take the train shuttle to Barcelona, getting off at the railway station named Barcelona-Sants Station.

There is a train station at the airport to get to the Barcelona-Sants Station. It is situated opposite the T2 and it is connected to this terminal via an air bridge. Once at the airport station, you should take the suburban train (R2 North Airport line- Sant Celoni / Maçanet Massanes) and stop at Barcelona-Sants Station. The R2 line, which connects Terminal T2 with Sant Celoni / Maçanet Massanes, stops at: Airport – El Prat de Llobregat – Bellvitge – Barcelona-Sants Station. The trip takes 22 minutes. The train runs from 05:42 to 23:38 every 30 minutes. Once at Barcelona-Sants Estation, take an AVE or an AVANT train to Lleida-Pirineus Station (see the ‘By train’ section below for details).

To connect the airport and Barcelona city, passengers could take the Metro. The line L9 (orange) connects the airport with Barcelona city. This line is divided between North and South, being the L9 South line the one that links between Barcelona’s airport and the various metro stations in the city. The L9 South line stops at both terminals 1 and 2 of Barcelona airport. The route is the following one: Barcelona Airport Terminal 1; Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (connection with RENFE Rodalies (train)); Mas Blau; Parc Nou; Cèntric; El Prat Estació (connection with RENFE Rodalies (train)); Les Moreres; Mercabarna; Parc Logístic; Fira; Europa / Fira (connection with FGC (train)); Can Tries / Gornal; Torrassa (connection with L1 Metro (red line)); Collblanc (connection with L5 Metro (blue line)); Zona Universitària (connection with L3 (green line)). In order to reach Barcelona city center or the Barcelona Sants train station, the passenger must make a change of line and take the line L1, L5 or L3.


Madrid-Barajas Airport

Accessible by car, bus and train (from Madrid-Atocha Station) Madrid is about 460 km from Lleida, but both cities are well connected by a High Speed Train (AVE) and other fast trains (Altaria) and the journey takes a little more than 2 hours. The airport is situated 12 km northeast from the centre of Madrid. Once at the airport (Madrid Barajas), you have to go to the Madrid railway station named Atocha Station.

Barajas Airport is connected to Madrid by metro (line 8) with 2 subway stations: Metro Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 found at Terminal 2, and Metro Aeropuerto T4 found at Terminal 4. To go to Atocha Renfe, you need to make some transfers as shown below:

  1. Pink Line (Number 8) from Barajas to Nuevos Ministerios.
  2. Grey Line (Number 6) from Nuevos Ministerios to Pacífico.
  3. Light Blue Line (Number 1) from Pacífico to Atocha RENFE station.

The trip takes 45-60 minutes. The price is 1 € approx. The cost of a single use metro ticket is 1€ and 7€ for a pack of 10 trips. Remember that it is necessary to pay extra to enter and exit the airport stations (T1,T2, T3 and T4). The amount is 1€ extra. The metro runs from 6 am to 2 am.

To get from Barajas airport to Atocha Station by train, take the new line C-1, which connects Terminal T4 with Príncipe Pío and several railway stations, and stops at: Fuente de la Mora, Chamartín, Nuevos Ministerios, Recoletos and Atocha. This time to Atocha is 25 minutes. Trains will run every 30 minutes, from 5.15 until 23.32 towards the airport and from 5.59 am until 0.15 towards Príncipe Pío. A single ticket costs €2.15, and it is free of charge for those who have an AVE ticket and have to catch a connecting flight. For more information, consult the Renfe Cercanias website or call +34 902 320 320.

Lleida Bus Station

c/ Saracibar, 2. 25002 Lleida.

There is a direct bus connection from Barcelona-El Prat airport to Lleida (visit the website of the bus company for schedule). Although this is the easiest connection, the bus first drives into Barcelona and stops in every important village along the way so the trip takes about 3 hours to arrive to Lleida!


You can now arrange your accommodation! Note that the conference organization will not make hotel reservations for you. You can find the list of hotels with information and rates in the following web page:


The climate is continental, with Mediterranean influences.
The weather expected during April is warm and sunny.

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